Model Victoria Michaels is the only black model to hit the runway of the 2019 Milan Fashion Week for designer Luisa Beccaria.

The international model who is signed to a South African modelling agency, ‘Boss Model’, has revealed that the designer initially rejected her in 2018 when she auditioned for her show.

Recounting the event on ‘The Gist’ on JoyNews with MzGee, she said although she did not let the initial unpleasant reaction from the fashion brand get to her, it was surreal to get the opportunity.

She was the only chosen black model among the over 300 black models who auditioned to hit the runway in Milan.

“This season after I did my first fitting my booker calls me again and say they want you to come and do a second fitting, I was surprised because I thought the first outfit, I fitted was perfect. I think the head designer liked it. I didn’t know why they called me for a second fitting,” Victoria Michaels said.

Victoria Michaels - Milan

She explained that when she went in for her second fitting the designer insisted, she wears something more glamourous for her second fitting.

“I was so surprised. She wanted us to wear the same piece on the same day on the show. I was so surprised because if they are not interested, they do not even look your way,” she added.

Victoria Michaels - Milan
Victoria Michaels and designer Luisa Beccaria wore the same piece but in different colours

Victoria who is an awarding winning model, a philanthropist and CEO of Africa Literacy Development Initiative disclosed she was not intimidated by her feat as the only black model at the Milan Fashion Week.

“I was fulfilled because I wasn’t the only black model who cast for that show, I can say for the fact that we had 300 or 400 black models, if not more who cast for that show.”

Victoria Michaels - Milan

“So when my booker called me that the client has the option you for the show, ‘I said no ooo’ you kidding me what are you telling me right now,” she added.

Victoria Michaels - Milan
Victoria Michaels with other models at the event

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