The Libyan province of Sabha on the South West of Tripoli where some 4,000 Ghanaians are alleged to have gathered awaiting evacuation was reportedly bomb hit on Sunday night.

BBC news also reported that Britain’s Ministry of Defence said its Tornado GR4 aircraft carried out strikes on ammunition bunkers on Monday morning in the Sabha region, in the southern Libya desert.

The stranded Ghanaians told Adom News Monday that some of their colleagues who sustained injuries from the explosion had been sent to local health facility for treatment.

The frustrated Ghanaians said they might have no other option than to walk through the desert to get back home if the government fails to rescue them.

Recently some 54 Ghanaians walked through the desert to Ghana while others are reportedly doing same because they have little hope of accessing the government’s lifeline.

But Deputy Minister of Information Baba Jamal is not very convinced of the claims.

Baba Jamal told Adom News those still in Libya could be those who initially decided they would not come to Ghana but are having a change of mind after the situation worsened.

According to him, some Ghanaian nationals have just refused to comply with directives to gather at specific points in Tripoli and other cities, and if those still complaining may have to cross the desert to Niamey, Niger, access help.

Baba Jamal revealed that so far the government has been able to convey about 18,000 Ghanaians from Libya and said Sunday saw nine more people returning and Monday, only two.

He claimed that Ghana was the first country to start repatriation of its citizens ahead of Britain and the United States.

Story: Samuel Mantey/Adom news/Ghana