A group of Ghanaians living in the United Kingdom (UK) and Africans in the Diaspora belonging to a non-partisan organisation known as Ghana We Can Do Better (GWCDB) are prepared to contribute their bit to make Ghana better.

The Ghanaians are working at strengthening their ties with friends of Ghana in the Diaspora, and Ghanaians back home to contribute towards improving Ghana’s economy, cultural and educational systems.

A press release issued in London after the group’s second conference held at University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies on April 26 2008, said the group concentrated on finding out areas where development could be focused.

Making a presentation at the conference, economic consultant Dr Adotey Bing-Pappoe explored the economic options open to developing Ghana’s economy.

After the presentation, the group broke into workshops to brainstorm.

According to the press release, the ideas that came out of the workshops included: the need to recondition our minds to have self-belief and put Ghana first; lock down Ghana’s economic development, just like China did.

It also came out that it was necessary for Ghanaian banks to pro-actively promote their businesses in the UK; it was also suggested that a list of Ghanaian businesses in which the Diaspora can invest should be published in the UK.

It became obvious also that the promotion and proper co-ordination of tourism should be done, and the commercial awareness of Ghanaian cultural output to the diaspora should be increased.

The conference was preceded by a mini-workshop conducted a week earlier in Accra by Ms Serwah, a Ghanaian-born barrister and co-ordinator of the London-based voluntary organisation BTWSC.

The outcomes from the Accra workshops overwhelmingly focused on self-reliance.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi