The Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication has partnered The Multimedia Group to propagate the idea of a new emergency number, 112.

At a signing ceremony at the premises of The Multimedia Group, head of sustainability and partnership at GIFEC, Abena Nyamesem called on Ghanaians to begin using 112 at all time to request for all forms of emergencies.

With the call centre already inundated with prank calls, she appealed to the conscience of the prank callers to desist from the act as it could potentially cause people in real need of emergency service to miss out.

“You have wide and solidified network being Akan and English speaking station throughout the country and we believe you are the right network to work with to ensure the populace are well informed with 112,” she said about The Multimedia Group.

Jesse Amoh Agypong, a consultant with the GIFEC team explained how 122 will seamlessly replace existing emergency numbers.

Head of Joy cluster Emma Morrison welcomed the partnership with a promise to propagate the emergency number with a sense of urgency.

“Arrive alive is a very important project to us and this will also help to complement it as well…we going to support this with all our might,” she said.

Currently, emergency services in Ghana have different numbers; 191 for Police, 193 for Ambulance, and 192 for fire.

112 is expected to replace these numbers to become the central control port of call when in need of emergency service.