The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) says it is poised to make the local business community the most trustworthy ambassador of the country in 2015.

To achieve this, the GIPC has produced a documentary that has packaged and profiled domestic businesses in various constituencies to strategically place the country as the preferred place to do business in on the continent.

The documentary, which is in two versions- Radio and TV- formed part of the “Think Ghana, Make it Happen” campaign rolled out by the GIPC and will run throughout the year. 

GIPC to make local businesses Ghana's 'authentic' ambassadors

Chief Executive Officer of GIPC, Mawuena Trebarh stated on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM, Wednesday, January 7, that the project will among others “help and support domestic business community and build their capacity" and “ensure that we can respond to the very unique focus of the domestic playing field as well as the interest of the international business community”.

“…so we are very, very keen to drive this campaign and ensure that all of the business community in Ghana know that we are there to provide services to them [and] offer them the very same sort of incentives where it applies in order that they can continue to grow and sustain their businesses,” Mawuena Traba explained. 

“We want to do away with the red tape and roll out the red carpet,” she told Kojo Yankson, host of the Show.

According to her, “The domestic business community are the most authentic and most believable ambassadors when it comes to doing business in Ghana”. 

The ‘Think Ghana Make it Happen’ campaign also seeks to get the international business community consider going into partnership venture with local businesses. 

Click to play the Radio version of the 'Think Ghana Make It Happen' documentary:



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