The Vice Chairman of the Legal Committee of Parliament is accusing the Minority members of Parliament of being hasty in their threat to have the president impeached if the controversial Gitmo agreement with the US government is not brought before Parliament.

George Low would rather have the MPs wait for the Foreign Minister to lay bear the facts of the agreement before the house after which, if they are not convinced they can take action.

Minority MPs are threatening to impeach the president for illegally admitting into Ghana two terror suspects who were detained for 14 years at the Guantanamo Bay.

The MPs claim the president breached sections of the constitution in hosting Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby.

"There is a written agreement and we are demanding to see it. In 75 (1) It says the president may execute or cause to be executed treaties agreements or conventions in the name of Ghana.

"75 (2)  A treaty, agreement or convention executed by or under the authority of the President shall be subject to ratification by-

(a) Act of Parliament; or

(b) a resolution of Parliament supported by the votes of more than on behalf of all the members of Parliament," Subin MP, Isaac Osei quoted the law as saying.

"I think that in spite of what we have said it is not too late, the president can eat humble pie, bring the agreement to Parliament," he added.

"As we speak today the president can be impeached because of this," MP for Abuakwa South Atta Akyea also stated.

The Foreign Minister Hannah Tetteh is expected to appear before Parliament on Friday to explain the circumstances under which the president agreed to the US request to have the two terror suspects to come to Ghana.

Speaking to Joy News editor, Dzifa Bampoh the Vice Chairman of the Legal Committee of Parliament, George Low said a number of people are "blowing hot air" over a matter they do not have  full knowledge about.

Even though he agreed with the minority MPs that treaties and agreements must be brought before Parliament for ratification, he wondered the basis for the threat to impeach the president.

"The Minister has been summoned before this august House. She is coming. We are going to ask her questions and find out whatever went on," he insisted.

"The minority are going to be part of the process. I don't see why they can't wait and patiently take information from the Minister.

"If after that they are not satisfied of course they can come out and do the things they want to do.

"I don't see why they are jumping the gun," he stated.