The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has condemned what it describes as the ‘unfriendly behaviour’ of Mr. George Agguddey, a Convention Peoples Party (CPP) flag bearer aspirant towards media personnel.

The media personnel were at the CPP head quarters Monday to cover the filing of nominations by the party’s various aspirants.

Mr. Agguddey who was unhappy with some of the questions that journalists put to him, became angry and verbally attacked and issued threats of assault against them.

The GJA in a press release issued in Accra Tuesday, considered Mr. Agguddey’s reactions as ‘most unfortunate and rather uncomplimentary’ of someone seeking both political and public office.

The GJA while admitting that some of the questions the journalists put to Mr. Agguddey were harsh, they were of merit and therefore could not be termed provocative.

According to the release, the kind of intolerance put up by Mr. Agguddey can not be helpful to fostering civility, mutual respect and good media/political party relations which are required in nurturing a functional multi-party democracy.

Mr. Agguddey was the CPP’s Presidential candidate at the last general election and journalists wanted to know what he thought of his chances against a large field of aspirants this time round, looking at the fact that he led the party to acquire just about 1% of votes cast.

The question did not go down well with him and he flared up and lashed out at the reporters.

The GJA, appeals to all Ghanaians, especially politicians to be civil and tolerant towards media personnel, especially in periods of electioneering.

The GJA also reminded journalists to go about their duties with great professionalism.

The release was signed by Mr. Bright Blewu, the GJA General Secretary.