Vice President John Dramani Mahama on Friday gave the assurance that government would resource all health training institutions to churn out quality health personnel.

He said the growing population demanded adequate health personnel to man the various health facilities to meet Millennium Development Goals on health by 2015.

Vice President Mahama gave this assurance when he presented 250 vehicles to Mr Joseph Yieleh Chireh, Minister of Health, to be distributed to 50 health training institutions throughout the country.

The vehicles comprise 150 Pick-ups, 50 Four-Wheel drive and 50 Daewoo buses.

The vehicles form part of the Ministry of Health’s self-reliant programme to procure vehicles for all the sectors under it.

Vice President Mahama said the government had initiated moves to provide polyclinics for a number of districts, which would subsequently demand staff to accomplish their health agenda hence the support for training institutions to provide such staff.

“Our plan is to train more doctors, nurses and paramedics to fill the vacancies in the health facilities of the country.”

Mr Yieleh Chireh, who received the vehicles, said they would facilitate the movement of students to acquire the necessary skills to provide quality health care.

Dr Elias Sory, Director of Ghana Health Service, said since the inception of the self-reliance programme, a total of 595 vehicles had been procured for the service.

Source: GNA


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