The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has said it will increase transport fares should government fail to reduce fuel prices at pump stations as requested.

Earlier, the Union distanced itself from the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana’s (C-DAG) decision to increase transport fares by 40 per cent.

But speaking to Citi News, General Secretary, Godfred Abulbire said commercial drivers are running at a loss as most of the day’s sale goes into the fuel purchase.

Thus, a 40 per cent increase in transport fares will be implemented should government, after deliberations, fail to adjust fuel prices to cushion commercial drivers.

“Two-thirds of our total income goes into fuel. People may not be able to maintain their cars and that can lead to accidents.

“The best option is that we have to go back, get another meeting and have government understand that if the first option is what they are refusing, then our option is to increase the fares by a margin that will cushion us to at least break even.”

According to him, transport operators will on Wednesday meet to discuss the way forward.

The Coalition of Commercial Transport Owners in December last year, withdrew their services to protest the high fuel prices being recorded in the country.

This left many commuters who use their services to and from their various destinations stranded. After consultation with the government, the strike action was called off. Later, pump stations observed a reduction in fuel prices.

But Mr Abulbire in his interaction noted that shortly after the reduction, prices were adjusted upwards.

“We were told that definitely from the next pricing window fuel prices will come down but that same night, GOIL was able to come down which was an indicator that what we were requesting will be achieved.

“So we concluded the meeting with the hope that by the following week, GOIL will go lower. Unfortunately, shortly after, fuel prices started going up, and far more than we thought. It is serious,” he said.

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