Insurance group, Hollard Ghana with subsidiaries Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life Assurance has been named Brand of the year, 2021 at the prestigious Ghana Insurance Awards held at the plush Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel.

The annual event organised by Xodus Communications Limited sought to honour top-class performance, professionalism, and innovation across the Ghanaian Insurance industry, and to promote the growth of the industry.

Recognised as Brand of the year, the unconventional insurance group and arguably the nation’s favourite Insurer is known for its vibrant brand personality.

Hollard Ghana is also recognised for its effort to make accessibility a standard of service delivery with its innovative products, multichannel visibility, and relatable financial communications. 

On being named Insurance Brand of the Year, the Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Hollard Ghana, Cynthia Ofori-Dwumfuo said: “We are deeply grateful to be nationally recognised as Insurance Brand of the Year.

“Our purpose is to enable more people to create and secure a better future and this drives everything we do at Hollard.”

She observed that the country’s penetration of insurance is low “and as a caring brand,” the Group is passionate about increasing insurance awareness through unconventional partnerships and innovations.

“For us, it’s no longer business usual. We put customers first by offering appropriate products to suit Ghanaian insurance needs.

“Whether we are enabling financial inclusion through digital channels like Araba Hollard, fostering a happy Team Hollard or keeping our partners and customers fulfilled by delivering as expected, our brand is approachable, real, and mindful. We choose excellence by presenting ourselves innovatively, it’s the Hollard way,” she said.

Madam Ofori-Dwumfuo also expressed gratitude to all who are contributing to the ongoing gains being made by the Group and pledged to keep up the good work.

“Thanks to our customers, partners and Hollardites for driving our continuing impact as Ghana’s favourite insurance brand. Many thanks also to Xodus Communications Limited and the able board for this recognition.”

Hollard Ghana also picked up two other awards; the Fastest Growing Life Insurance Company of the Year went to Hollard Life Assurance

While Hollard Insurance went with the Two-time Commercial Line Insurer of the Year Award.

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