Chelsea teenager Callum Hudson-Odoi says he was "shocked" to find out he had been called up to the England senior squad for the first time.

The 18-year-old winger had travelled to Bristol to meet up with England's under-21 squad on Monday when he was told he would have to divert back to St George's Park after Gareth Southgate decided to call him up for their opening European Qualifiers.

He could now make his debut when England play the Czech Republic at Wembley on Friday, or away at Montenegro on Monday.

Hudson-Odoi has had limited chances to impress at Stamford Bridge this season and has yet to start a Premier League match, but has scored five times in 19 matches in all competitions.

"It's been a crazy day but getting my first [senior] international call-up is an amazing feeling," Hudson-Odoi said.

"Today has been a very long day for me because I had to travel to Bristol first for the U21s and then getting told that I have to come over here to St. George's Park, it's been a crazy experience but I'm delighted to get the call and it's a nice feeling to be here as well.

"I thought the manager [Aidy Boothroyd] was joking. I was shocked and then when I heard that I actually had to go over, I couldn't believe it. I was delighted. It's a dream come true.

"Now I've got to work hard, enjoy every moment and keep working to just hopefully make an impact when I get the opportunity.

"Everybody here is very humble and they're very nice. They make sure you're comfortable, no one has an ego here so hopefully, I get to know more of the boys here."


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