JJ Rawlings

Former president, Jerry John Rawlings says until the Covid-19 pandemic is over, he will not shave his hair or beard.

The former president surprised many Ghanaians when he showed up at the 2020 June 4 celebrations with fully grown grey hair and beard.

Ghanaians who were not used or had never seen the former president in that state likened the look to Nigerian playwright, Wole Soyinka.

Then, he joked that he was going to use his hair to brush the disease away.

“Ladies and gentlemen…“for those of you who are wondering about this Moses brush, if you want, call it Moses broom. Since the president [Akufo-Addo] has decided, he will use his shaven head to get rid of Covid-19, I will use [my] Moses’ brush [hair] to get rid of it and when it happens, then I think we can go back to our normal look.”

Speaking on Accra based Asaase FM Sunday, Mr Rawlings said he would keep the hair until the pandemic is over.

“I wanted to provide evidence that I was also hibernating and I have decided until it goes, this hair won’t go.

“As soon as it goes, yes,” he added.