Outspoken MP, Kennedy Agyapong has vowed never to take any of his businesses or upcoming ones to a village.

The renowned businessman says doing so is an exercise in futility as rural folk are double crossers.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with JoyNews’ Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye, Mr. Agyapong said the village folk “are the most clever people in terms of thievery.”

“The moment you establish the business in that village, they think you are stupid. The villagers…you think you are going to create jobs for them [but they think] you are stupid,” he said.

He added: “they will mess you up.”

He recounted a business-gone-bad at Dida, close to Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

He said a fish pond he had set up was haphazardly manned; this, among others, he indicated, discouraged him about setting up businesses to create jobs for village folk.

According to the Assin Central MP, “any person who wants to be serious in life” would leave the village for a bigger town or city “and start hustling.”

The people in his village, for instance, he said are only looking for handouts.

He said he has many factories coming up in Accra, and its adjoining areas, “if you are serious, I would invite you from my village to come and work there.”