Is fashion making you sick?

It’s a well-known fact that women suffer for beauty, but there may be a few hidden dangers in the clothing and other baubles you sport on your body.

For example, take a look at your ears. That fabulous costume jewelry you sport may be causing a rash due to its nickel content.

People with sensitive skin or metal allergies may notice itchiness or redness at the site of jewelry, jeans buttons and bra clasps.

The good news is that a little 1 percent hydrocortisone cream can calm flare-ups, and you can prevent it by looking for jewelry that’s made of surgical stainless steel or platinum. If it’s a clasp or button, then a good trick is to cover the metal with clear nail polish.

Suffering from breakouts around your chest and shoulders? Check your purse. Oversize purses and totes may have straps that rub you the wrong way, particularly if you wear a lot of shirts and blouses with synthetic materials, which may not allow skin to breathe properly.

Try a 10 percent benzoyl peroxide body wash on the affected areas and switch to breathable, natural fibers like cotton and silk.

Speaking of breathable fabrics, give your legs some room to breathe as well. Skinny jeans may be trendy, but for the skin on your legs, they can be fashion don’ts.

Denim is coarse and thick, and it can rub against the skin on your thighs, causing it to sweat and chafe. And if you’re freshly shaved, it can cause ingrown hairs and irritation.

The effects can happen around the bikini area if you go commando – no underwear – or around the mid-calf area if you tuck jeans into boots. Use an exfoliating, noncomedogenic moisturizer after shaving and spot treat ingrown hairs with salicylic acid. Dress for health – your skin will thank you!