Customers have besieged the premises of Midland Savings and Loans following fears the company is financially distressed.

Clients have been trooping to the microfinance company for days looking to withdraw monies but without success.

But the Monday morning edition of this ritual siege has gathered immense media attention after a customer was attacked by a police officer last Thursday, after she insisted on making a withdrawal.


The filmed attack on the 36-year-old woman who went to the bank with her two-month-old grandchild, went viral and along with it, the news of the company's liquidity struggles.

The company has been facing a social media inquest over its poor handling of the woman's request for 100 cedis of her 270 cedis savings.

But in addition to its PR crisis, the company now has to grapple with scores of disgruntled clients who have taken a cue from revelations of liquidity problems to step up their efforts to withdraw their cash.

"I came to clear all my money..close to 3,000 cedis," a dissatisfied customer told Joy News Monday.

A bread seller was seen crying over her inability to make an otherwise routine withdrawal. She told Ebenezer Sabutey, all her efforts since last week to withdraw her savings have proved futile.

Midland Savings and Loans

She said she has 600 cedis with the savings and loans company after she opened an account six months ago on a friend's recommendation.

She said the money is crucial capital for her bread-selling business.

The company has, however, said it is not open for business until Tuesday because safety of its staff and clients cannot be guaranteed.

Midland rush