Fellow Citizens,

There is nothing new under the sun and father time has all the answers.

So from the Sahara to the Savanna through the mysterious forest that houses “Antoa’s” river.

Further along the mountainous regions and to the coastline that sights faraway lands beyond the horizon of the “inshorna”. Hear the tale of the travelling sounds of an African drum’s beat: On the Coast of Gold, the clergy edges peace to prevent men with Glocks from cocking and causing casualties, so lead acquiescence thus prayed to “Pontius Pilatus” to resolve conflict.

In the sights of viewers in court and elsewhere during proceedings, all arrows shot from all spheres at the spear, counsel for lead, were met with performances of the “atsiagbekor” ritual dance, yet ultimately Pontius Pilatus washed his hands off the plea, citing “the law”.

Where then!!! Do the weary go in search of justice? For “the law” was once upon a time decreed by Queens and Papal Bulls to lawfully steal masses from the land of gold to a climate of cold.

Yet in this tragedy, arose a hero of one brave as a bear for a forbearer. This ancestor never forgot the source code of his homeland. For when a master attempted to erase his identity, this ancestor resisted and insisted on being called: KUNTA KINTE, a proud native from the LAND OF KENTE.

Akin to him, in “defeats,” he suppressed his inner Ragging Steam of Boom with a veneer of “Asomdwe” lineage to remain an “Akatamanso.”

It must be said, though different strokes for different folks yet like kunta kinte, no one can change his identity therefore he must lead all to wait on the Almighty Father Time! For he is still in possession of the tip of the spear who will continue to outshine and shine light in the Apex of Freedom and Justice, to point to the fact that, custodians are not only to rely on “THE LAW” to deny PROBITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY of a supposedly neutral in a conflict.

For justice, is like Karma that will come back to bite one in the shining heinie, upon the final decision by the people in the not so distant future.

Verily when Freedom and Justice is felt by all, then all will join together to dance the “borborbor” with white handkerchiefs!!

For now, the cock clucks: kokrokoo!!

So the drum reluctantly recedes back to “Asase Ya”, our maker.