Kojo Antwi (credit: Facebook - @KojoAntwi)

Multiple award-winning musician, Kojo Antwi, has lauded The Multimedia Group “for shining the spotlight on his music all day” Friday.

Popularly called ‘The Music Man’ the ‘Tom and Jerry’ crooner said the Group’s “kind and thoughtful initiative to select and promote a Ghanaian musician” on its network “to reach for your audience at home and all around the world is worthy and heartwarming.”

In June this year, Joy Entertainment launched its ‘Celebrate’ Initiative in which it will pay homage to some of the finest artistes the country boasts of.

The station dedicates one Friday to play the music of the artiste and allow its listeners to get to know them up, close and personal.

Listeners and viewers can call on all radio (Joy FM/Hitz FM) and TV shows (Joy Prime, Joy Interactive) to request their favourite songs from the singer’s discography.

With 13 great albums to his name, Kojo Antwi is no doubt one many industry players agree has paid his dues to the game.

Touched by the celebration, the songwriter could not hide his excitement with Joy Entertainment’s “Charity begins at home” approach to showing love to its own.

Sharing his gratitude for the celebration, the veteran said, “Music is the food of love. And when it is crafted and shared with love, it nourishes humanity in ways that very few else can ever do.”

“Thank you for sharing crafts on your stations. My loyal fans and newfound followers are delighted. Our work will not be in vain if we can reach and comfort, console, caution, inspire, entertain and elevate any number in this generation and others to follow, and entreat every soul to choose love always. Thank you to the Board, Management & Staff of Multimedia. ♥️-With love from your humble singer-songwriter, brother and lover Mr Music Man.”

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