The much anticipated arrival of the power barges being built by Turkish firm Karpower would have to be rescheduled to a later date again.  This confirms a Joy Business report that the barges will arrive in October.

With a total generation power of 450 megawatts, the barges were envisaged to significantly improve years of erratic power supply in the country.

The first power barge – 225 megawatts – was billed to arrive September, government after it failed to meet the April deadline.  But Joy News is learning the power barge is yet to leave the shores of Turkey let alone arrive this month.

Many have questioned what has accounted for the delay. Sources at Karpower told Joy News’ Editor Araba Koomson the company is awaiting a fuel supply agreement and also guarantee for the second power barge before the first one – already built – sets sail.

The fuel supply agreement will spell out how the barge will be powered and who will facilitate the reliable supply of crude oil. The agreement is still being worked on.

Also the Electricity Company of Ghana is guaranteeing the second barge before it is built. “That may also explain why the power distribution company is on an aggressive recollection and disconnection exercise to get the funds required to guarantee the barge,” Araba surmised.

Without any last minute hitches, the first barge may leave the shores of Turkey by the end of this month. It will take at least three weeks for it to travel to Ghana.

Authorities are hoping to connect the barge to the national grid by the first week in November 2015.

Karpower in 2014 signed an agreement with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to provide about 450 megawatts of power to the country.

The 10-year agreement is expected to supply 22% of the country’s power generation need.

It was believed that the company was initially contracted to provide an emergency power to Ghana, but Karpower’s Africa and Asia Director, Patrick O’Driscoll denied that claim.