Kerica Salvation Healthcare, a non-governmental organisation with specialty in wound care, has donated some medical supplies worth thousands of Euros to the Korlebu Teaching Hospital to care of its patients.

The gesture was also extended to the Taifa Polyclinic and the Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly Hospital, popularly known as LEKMA Hospital.

Among the items which were donated to these three health facilities from Tuesday, December 18 to Thursday, December 20, include wound care materials, injection needles, medication for constipation, catheters, NaCI infusion, gloves, Ostomy bags, incontinence materials among others. 

Apart from the donation, Kerica Salvation Healthcare led by one of its Co-Founders, Erica Osei Yamoah, also took some of the health professionals in these beneficiary hospitals through some tutorials on how to dress wounds with different kinds of materials.

Kerica Salvation

They were also thought wounds classifications, with officials from the hospitals and that of Kerica Salvation sharing ideas on hygienic conditions.

At each of the hospitals, officials of officials of Kerica Salvation were taken around the various departments to have first-hand experience about their activities.

Erica Osei Yamoah, a Quality Control Manager, Home Care Center, Holland, and a specialist in wound care, commenting on the gesture said “Ghana really needs help. The hospitals don’t have enough wound materials and so patients have to buy it themselves. This places a huge burden on the poor because if the patient doesn’t have money, he or she is turned away.”

She added: “Everybody has a right to treatment. With my observation, there is a clear distinction between the poor and the rich. Whilst the rich could afford to buy the wound materials, the poor couldn’t and this makes me sad. It is my dream to help Ghana having been inspired by grandmother who died of diabetes wound.”

Kerica Salvation

Ms. Osei Yamoah expressed appreciation to patients and her colleague health professionals in Florence Home Care, Holland, the Members of Parliament for Dome/Kwabenya and Ledzokuku, Sarah Adwoa Safo and Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye (also Board Chairman, Korlebu Teaching Hospital) respectively, Kingsley Cudjoe and all the nurses and staff of the three hospitals she visited for their support.

Kerica Salvation Healthcare is a registered non-governmental in Ghana. Its mission is to let patients in Ghana have a professional treatment with their wound healing process. It has a vision to its own healthcare institution specialising in wound care in Ghana. It is Co-Founded by Erica Osei Yamoah and Kevin Owusu Amoh.

Kerica Salvation