If it’s one artist who can for sure get the people moving, it’s Lizzo.

The Houston-raised rapper is known for incorporating themes of body positivity, confidence and self-love into her music.

In response to our current moment, a Pittsburgh kindergarten teacher turned Lizzo’s “Good As Hell” into a fun bop for her students, instilling in them the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing.

While Lizzo says, “I do my hair toss / Check my nails / Baby how you feelin’? / Feeling good as hell,” teacher Kellee Gnipp put her own spin on the popular song, enthusiastically singing, “I put my mask on, check my space. Kids how you feeling? Feeling good and safe.”

The 52-second video remixed the chorus and the first verse of Lizzo’s track, bringing tons of joy to students, which can be seen clearly in the video.

“Woo class, it’s a good morning. Brush your shoulders off, let’s get learning,” Gnipp continued. “Yes kids, we love kindergarten. I’m so proud of you, now let’s get started.”

Facebook commenters praised Gnipp for her Lizzo cover.

“Great song for the kiddos! They r lucky to have you as their teacher, keep up the great work!” Judit Ganchuk commented.

“Love this! If you’d be willing to share your lyrics, we’ll all be singing with you in Oswego, New York Kindergartens!” Facebook user MaryLynne Stevenson Maxwell said.

I think the natural next step is for Lizzo to feature Gnipp on an official, education-pumped remix.