Kute Health Centre in deplorable state

The Kute Health Centre, located in a farming community in the Jasikan district of the Volta Region, has been in a deplorable state for some time now.

The health centre which serves more than seven communities of the catchment area with a population of more than six thousand residents is housed in a dilapidated structure that has only one detention ward for both male, female and children.

Some basic drugs and the few sets of equipment at the facility are also competing for space at the same unit, a situation which affects quality health delivery in the area.

The nature and size of the ward make it too small for use by both patients and nurses and impedes the privacy of patients, particularly pregnant women.

The situation is so bad that some patients shy away from seeking health care at the facility.

Doreen Amos who is a community nurse in the area told JOYNEWS that because of the nature of the clinic, pregnant women prefer to give birth at home instead of the facility.

“The maternity is just a small room with one bed and a place for the midwife, a situation which deprives them of the needed privacy”, she said.

She also told JOYNEWS that the road leading to the facility is bad which worsens the situation. And it becomes unmotorable when it rains because then, clients, especially those in critical condition, are forced to take motorbikes.

She, therefore, appealed to government and other stakeholders to come to the aid of the facility.

The District Chief Executive of Jasikan, Mr. Lawrence Aziale described the situation as pathetic but assured, the assembly is committed to help improve upon the facility so they can provide best services to the communities around.

He also called on well-meaning Ghanaians to come the aid of the facility.