Renowned playwright James Ebo Whyte has admonished single women not to justify the infidelity of their partners during courtships.

Uncle Ebo Whyte who doubles as a relationship counsellor said such a character is an indication of what the situation will be during marriage.

Speaking to Edem Knight-Tay on Joy FM’s Home Affairs show, he said those who overlook unfaithfulness, flirting and dishonesty during courtship and advance into marriage are doing so at their own peril.

This he explained is because “he won’t get better, he will only get worse”.

James Ebo Whyte is a renowned playwright and a relationship counsellor

He insists that young women should not compromise in such relationships.

“Women should not settle for less, they shouldn’t take that,” he said.

Uncle Ebo’s comment was in reaction to a married woman’s dilemma of having to deal with an unrepentant cheating husband of seven years and the father of her two children.

According to the distraught wife, her church has suggested that prayers will cause a change in her husband’s behaviour.

However, Uncle Ebo Whyte was emphatic that such red flags of infidelity were most likely obvious in their courtship stages which the wife conveniently ignored.

He stated emphatically, therefore, that now more than ever “he [her husband] will not change.”

In fact, he revealed that such men only get bolder after marriage and also make an effort to produce many children in order to pin the woman down.

Ultimately, he advised that the woman in question should involve her family in getting herself out of the marriage as staying in such a marriage may end tragically.