Recent reports of impropriety at the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has necessitated a shake up as some members of staff have been transferred to other regions.

The Agency in a statement explained that the action is part of an “ongoing restructuring exercise to reposition the Agency for higher productivity.”

The transfers come in the wake of the Agency saying that it has deleted the names of 16,839 from its 63,000 beneficiaries payroll after an audit found their employment to have been tainted with fraud.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Justin Frimpong, said at a news conference last Wednesday that the shed human resource weight has saved the more than GHS20 million.

The deletion follows an audit of the Agency's human resource over the past four months. This became necessary after the YEA said it had detected some discrepancies on the beneficiary payroll.

It said it found out during the payments that some beneficiaries were using the same E-zwich numbers. It also said it noticed huge arrears as a result of the non-payment of some beneficiaries since May 2016.

In a statement last April, the Agency said it had suspended the payment of allowance to beneficiaries to allow for a full audit.

Mr. Frimpong said the audit has found, beneficiaries of the YEA had vacated post but were still earning an allowance.

Some of the affected persons also had no appointment letters while some of the letters did not have the signature of CEO.

Below is a list of the latest transfers