It is true the spotlight will be on the Bolts, Gays, Blakes, Federers and other high profile athletes but the low profile athletes are not getting consumed by the excessive media attention to those athletes.

Two of those athletes who believe just participating in the Games with those athletes is even an achievement are Derek Wong of Singapore and Katinka Hosszu of Hungary.

Badminton player Derek Wong, a first timer at the Olympics says he is prepared for the Games even though he believes it is going to be pretty difficult for him to win medals judging from the level of competition.

The Singaporean is however not perturbed by the herculean task ahead of him but rather looking forward to enjoy himself at the Games.

He is hopeful his championship winning feat in Vietnam early this year will give him an edge in the Games.

Similarly Hungarian Swimmer, Katinka Hosszu, also believes her progressive results at two previous Olympic Games will do her good at this year’s Games.

According to Hosszu who placed 14th and 12th at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games respectively, said the spirit of the Olympic Games is not necessarily to win but to compete genuinely and she is happy she is living that spirit.

Nevertheless, the Hungarian Swimmer is optimistic she will improve on her performance at the two previous Games.

When asked her about her expectations at this year’s Games, she said “ I want to get to the finals of this year’s event”.

Fans of Olympic swimming should watch her out in the 200m freestyle event as she lives her Olympic dream.


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