President John Dramani Mahama has laughed off criticisms that educational standards have fallen under his watch emphasising  performance of students are getting better every year.

He said there is improved educational infrastructure as well as quality teaching and learning materials.

According to him, Ghana had the best results in the country’s history ever since it started writing the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) during his time, producing the best three performing students for the 2015 BECE exams.

“More students are passing than never before. This year in the BECE results, we have the best results ever recorded in the history of Ghana since we started writing the BECE exams.

"So let our media acquaint themselves with these statistics so that people don’t come and make unfounded statements on your various stations and get away with it,” he said.

Speaking at the commissioning of one of the 42 newly constructed Community-Day Senior High Schools (SHS)at Parkoso near Kumasi, he charged the media to do more research on the issue so people don't throw dust into people's eyes to score political points. 

Mr Mahama is unhappy he has had to offer explanations to falsehoods being peddled about agriculture by people who have the penchant to degenerate the country for political expediency.

“Anytime you go into a program with the media, they say what are you doing about declining education sector? Performances of our students are getting better and better every year and I urge the media to do your research. Don’t just let people come and sit on your media and make unfounded statements," he charged. 

The President said Ghana is the best-performing country in the West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) adding "I personally had the opportunity this year to present the prizes to three Ghanaian students who performed the well in the exams."

For the President, one remarkable thing for him is the three top performing students in the WASSCE; first, second, third were all Ghanaian female students.

"And so our secondary education is getting better,” he observed.

At least, 45,360 new first batch of students were this year admitted in the community secondary schools.

President Mahama is happy at the feat because students who would not have had the chance to attend SHS now have the luxury to do so in their respective localities.

"I am also confident that, our children who would be placed in any of the 42 Community Day SHS would accept the offer of enrollment,“ he said.