A member of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) and son of Ghana’s first President, Kwame Nkrumah, has asked President John Mahama to be honest and accept he has failed.

Onsy Nathan Kwame Nkrumah says the current economic challenges facing the country have imposed severe hardships on Ghanaians due to the president’s poor managerial skills.

“The current president happens to be in charge of the financial of the economic management of the country since day one as the vice president and as president, this is the eight year of his economic management and it doesn’t take much study to know that after eight years of NDC government with his economic management skill, the economy is doing worse than ever before” he said. 

Although president John Mahama has rejected claims that he is incompetent, Onsy Nkrumah said the president is lucky to have had Ghanaians describe him as incompetent and not anything worse.

“If you fail, do you prefer to be seen or perceived to be incompetent or would you prefer to be seen as negligence? If I fail in matching a certain task I will prefer if you kind to me, I will prefer you refer to me as incompetent person, I wish the president is incompetent for his own sake because if he is incompetent that means he means well for the people of Ghana, but unable to put it off, and that is so much better than saying he doesn’t mean well, and that is much worse” he charged.     

He said the kindest gift the president can give to Ghanaians is to accept that he is incompetent, adding “if he want people to look kindly on him, then he should be very grateful he is seen as incompetent because otherwise I will see him as either seriously reckless or at least negligence, and negligence is also a criminal thing,  so incompetent is at least a civil thing which just simply means  a failure of matching the task, so I would advise him to accept the term incompetent because it is the kindest option” .

Onsy Nkrumah, who has been disqualified in his bid to lead the CPP, said government’s bailout deal with the IMF is the worst thing any government could give its people.

He claims he has advised the president on several occasions not to sign the IMF bailout deal but he did not listen.