Makeup Ghana, a professional body in the make-up and beauty industry has partnered with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) to provide monitoring and certification for the training institutions within the industry

Tasking itself to develop the makeup and beauty industry, Makeup Ghana has dedicated its resources to help standardize the training and certification of practitioners in the Colour Cosmetics industry.

Through this partnership with COTVET, the bodies have developed two (2) Competency-Based Training (CBT) training packages at levels three (3) and four (4) of National TVET Qualification Framework (NTVETQF) for the Makeup Artistry.

Currently, the Makeup Industry does not have any CBT program dedicated solely to the training of its practitioners. This has forced makeup artists to either practise their art and crafts, based on individual experience and standards or enrol in programs which have a very minor focus on Makeup Artistry.

In pursuit of this agenda, the regulatory agency for the TVET sector COTVET, gave technical assistance to Makeup Ghana with funding support from Skills Development Fund Phase II to develop accredited Makeup Artistry Programs.

A curriculum development team consisting of experts from the Beauty Industry, Makeup Ghana, Training Providers and COTVET worked together under the National TVET Qualifications Framework (NTVETQF) and the Ghana harmonized CBT approach.

Curriculum development which was completed this August, Level 3 (National Certificate 1) and Level 4 (National Certificate 2) in Makeup Artistry have since been registered on the National TVET qualifications framework and will be out doored collaboratively by Makeup Ghana and COTVET on November 13th, 2020 and will be available to all training institutions for the training and certification of practitioners nationwide.

CEO of Makeup Ghana Rebecca Donkor, believes these two Accredited Competency-Based Training Programs will have a massive impact on the industry.

According to Rebecca Donkor It was time to bring sanity into the industry and Makeup Ghana decided to champion this to show leadership as pioneer Industry Advocate body for the industry.

Existing practitioners can regularize their accreditation to be compliant with the laws of Ghana.

New trainees can ensure the vocational programs they register for will lead to proper accreditation. Consumers can verify which Makeup Artists working on their faces are well-trained and accredited. Sanity can now prevail across the industry.”

On his part the Executive Director of COTVET, Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah was delighted and proud since it has been one of the  major achievement during his tenure .

“As part of our 5-year TVET strategic plan, it is envisioned that by 2022, all TVET institutions will be using CBT curriculums for instruction and these two accredited training packages will be part of the many programmes we are developing to ensure quality in TVET training is achieved.”


COTVET is an institution established by an Act of Parliament (Act 718) of 2006 to coordinate and oversee all aspects of technical and vocational education and training in the country. The council also coordinates, harmonizes, and supervises the activities of pre-tertiary public and private Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) providers as well as an apprenticeship in the informal sector, and collaborates with tertiary institutions.

About Makeup Ghana

Makeup Ghana is the Industry Advocate for Beauty in Ghana.  Our Mission is to be at the forefront of empowering the African Beauty Industry towards excellence. We do this through Advocacy; Training and Capacity Development; Events and Consulting & Advisory Services. We also serve as a bridge between the industry and consumers by providing platforms for engagement.