A 25-year-old teacher, Raymond Messeh, in Mankranso in the Ashanti region has been arrested by the police for allegedly murdering his own son.

The teacher, Reymond Masesah is said to have taken his two-year-old son out of the house in the night and killed him while the mother was fast asleep.

Cpl. Godwin Ahianyo, deputy Police PRO of the Ashanti region police command narrating the incident to Joy News Monday said, on the 16th of October about 7:15 am, the complainant, Janet Apeti, who resides in Hohoe, visited the husband with her son on the 15th of this month.

“That evening the man left for town. So later in the evening around 9pm, he returned from town while she was lying in the sofa with the little baby lying on top of her. The man came and said she should give the baby for him to sleep with him on the bed which she obliged.

“They were all sleeping at around 6am; she raised the curtain and found the man lying on the bed without the child. She confronted the man about the whereabout of the child, the man could not tell. The only thing he said was the baby left the room without any reason.”

This, Cpl Godwin Ahianyo said alarmed the woman who rushed to the police station to report the matter.

The police, he said, were later informed by the Unite Committee Chairman that they have found a child in a pit latrine about one kilometre from the suspect’s house.

They subsequently proceeded to the scene and retrieved the lifeless body of the baby from the latrine.

The man was later arrested and charged with murder.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana


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