The Odumase Krobo Circuit Court presided over by Mr Asman Akwasi Asiedu has sentenced a 60-year-old man, Yaw Asiedu, to 60 months imprisonment on two counts of stealing and a purpose to commit crime.

His accomplices; Cephas Tetteh, is on remand at the Akuse Prisons, while Tettey Andrews has been granted bail.

Presenting the facts of the case in court, Chief Inspector Emelia Ebeheakey said the complainant, one Raphael Amegbanu, a farmer, resides at Tema, while the first and second accused persons, Yaw Asiedu and Cephas Tetteh, both reside at Kpong. The third accused person is also a farmer living at Asuom village.

She said the first accused person had been working for the complainant as a caretaker for a period of three months. On December 4, 2007, at about 9.00 am, the complainant visited his farmhouse at Abusakope, near Kpong but did not meet Yaw Asiedu. The complainant waited till 5.00pm but the first accused did not turn up.

According to the prosecutor, the complainant then called a steel bender and mason who forced the door to the farmhouse open. To his dismay, he detected that his single barrelled gun, 12 cartridges, one knapsack spraying machine, four pieces of grafted mangoes, coconut seedlings, two male turkeys and two ducks, all valued at GHc 628 were not in the house.

The prosecutor said later, the complainant contacted the first accused person’s uncle, one Kwaku Amoah, who led the complainant to Larteh Akwapim for his arrest. The accused person was handed over to the Kpong police and during interrogation, he denied knowledge of the missing items.

On February 8, 2008, the prosecutor said the police had information that when the first and second accused persons stole the items, they travelled to Asuom village and gave the items to the third accused person for safe keeping. Based on that information, the third accused person was arrested and during interrogation, he also told police that when the second accused person was granted bail, he went to Asuom village and he was advised by one ex-service man that if the gun was found on him, he would be jailed. Based on that advice, the second accused person got frightened and destroyed it.

According to the prosecutor, the third accused person’s family later brought the knapsack spraying machine and the single barrelled gun. After police investigations, the three accused persons were charged with the offence.

Source: The Mirror


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