A 44-year-old man from Sefwi Anyinabrim in Wiawso municipality of the Western North Region has committed suicide by hanging after killing his wife.

According to reports, Kwasi Emmanuel after shooting his Sara Issah hit her repeatedly with the pistol until she became unconscious.

She was pronounced dead at the St John’s Government Hospital in Sefwi Asafo.

Narrating the incident to Adom News, a resident, said Emmanuel Kwasi asked one of his sons to dry his cocoa beans but his son refused.

This angered Mr Emmanuel who threatened to punish his son. But his obstinate son escaped from home.

Engulfed in fury, Mr Emmanuel swore to kill his son should he return home.

So his wife, Sara started beseeching on behalf of their son, asking his husband to calm down.

The raging husband, did not budge and went into the room, came back with a gun and shot his wife.

The Assemblyman for the electoral area, Eric Nkrumah who confirmed the incident said the man absconded after murdering his wife.

But in the early hours of Monday, Mr Emmanuel was found dead hanging on a tree at his village in Sefwi Anyinabrim.