A woman told the Bulawayo Regional court on Thursday that her boyfriend shoved a cooking stick into her private part to "measure" how she was sexually involved with other men – and accused her of being a prostitute.

He allegedly sat in the lounge before carrying her to the bedroom and placing her on the bed. She alleged that her boyfriend then lifted her leg and rested the foot on his shoulder while pressing the other one on the bed.

"He said he wanted to examine how I was having sex with a police boyfriend. He removed my panties before he took a cooking stick saying he wanted to see how deep I was since he accused me of sleeping with another man.

He shoved the cooking stick in and removed it. I saw him checking like he was measuring and again shoved it in about three times. He ordered me to do sexual moves like I was doing with another man, but I did not," she said.

She said he left and returned in the evening threatening to kill her.