The chief and elders of Wassa Saaman near Wassa Akropong in the Western Region have slapped a fine of two sheep and bottles of schnapps on a 35-year-old man for allegedly engaging in an abominable act that can incur the wrath of the gods in the area.

According to Daily Guide sources, the man, only known as Abudja, has alleged­ly been having sexual intercourse with his stepdaughter for the past six year without the knowledge of his legitimate wife.

Sources had it that the 35-year- old man was fed up with the bor­ing sexual positions by the wife.

To this end, any time Abudja felt like having sex, he would just jump on the stepdaughter since she was conversant with the current sex styles.

Upon hearing the bizarre story, the chief and the elders summoned the father to the palace.

They made it clear to him that his alleged unthinkable act could bring calamities to the area and so they asked him to present the sheep and the drinks to pacify the gods.

This was after the step daughter had revealed the secret to the moth­er who also reported the case to the chief and elders at the palace and the father was subsequently invit­ed.

DAILY GUIDE learnt that when the Abudja appeared before the chief and the elders of Wassa Saa- man he told them that it was the devil that pushed him to commit the crime.

Abudja got married to his wife, who has a 14 year-old daughter and that they were all staying in a single room.

Since then, the man had been having sex with the step daughter, sometimes in the room when the mother was not around and even in the bathroom, until the girl was 20 years when she reported the case to the mother.

Nana Yaw Obeng of Kasapreko Radio in the area told Skyy Fm in Takoradi that the step daughter reported the case to the mother when the step father tried to pre­vent her from having a boyfriend.

Other sources also indicated that the daughter reported that case when she realized that the father was cheating on her and the moth­er by going for another girlfriend.

The case was yet to be reported to the police but at the moment the tradi­tional leaders of Wassa Saaman were handling the issue.