MP for Yapei-Kusawgu, John Abu Jinapor has called for a Parliamentary probe into circumstances that led to a clash between the military and youth of Ejura which resulted in the death of two persons.

He said the committee set to look up the matter will not be able to carry out a thorough and independent investigation since it was solely constituted by government.

“The very people who are complicit cannot investigate this matter. If you are accused of complicity and you turn around to constitute a Committee by yourself, I can assure you that Committee is dead on arrival,” he said.

His comment follows the establishment of a three-member committee by the Interior Ministry to probe circumstances that led to the June 29, 2021 incident at Ejura, following an order from the presidency.

Speaking on the sideline of NDC’s “March for Justice” protest held on Tuesday, Mr Jinapor described the commission as “bogus,” casting doubt on its ability to efficiently bring closure to the matter.

He believes an independent bi-partisan parliamentary probe will yield better results.

On his part, MP for Ajumako-Enyan-Esiam, Cassiel Ato-Forson who was also present at the event shared the same view.

Mr Ato-Forson alleged that the military acted on the orders of officials in government, “and that is why we (the Minority in Parliament) are saying that we will not agree with the President to set up a ministerial committee. We want a bi-partisan Parliamentary Committee to be established by Parliament,” he said.

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