The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to introduce an online portal system for to ease congestion at passport offices nationwide.

"This means clients can apply online in the comfort of their homes or wherever. They are then given an interview date just like it is done at the US Embassy and other places," Regional Director of Passport, Paul Kobena Nana Sei Osei revealed.

He said when the process is completed, the applicant will be alerted via email, text as well as through other mediums.  

The Regional Director of Passport revealed this in an interview with Luv FM.

In a related development, Nana Osei said the Regional Passport office in Kumasi has a buildup of over 1000 new biometric passports printed for applicants between January and November 2015 which are yet to be collected by applicants.

"People rush in for passports but when they are ready they don't come for it. We plan to get their number to call them," said Nana Osei. 

He is appealing to everyone who applied for a passport in Kumasi between January to November 2015 to come and claim it.