The Minority Leader Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu is demanding an apology from the Korean Ambassador over the STX controversy.

Hak Sang Lee in a statement accused the minority leader of making unfounded allegations against him and demanded that the minority exempt the Korean Embassy from the “domestic political strife” in Ghana.

The Minority Leader is quoted to have said on XFM that the Ambassador had confirmed that the controversial STX deal is fraudulent.

The statement further said “the Embassy further requests that the minority should not distort the facts and abuse the Korean Embassy in its domestic political strife which is regrettable and deplorable.”

But the Minority Leader is unimpressed with the statements by the Embassy.

He insisted that at no point did he attribute the fraudulent aspect of the comment to the Ambassador, saying “What I said was that the Ambassador is on record as having said (made that statement) and he was captured on GTV and it was played to the entire nation. What he said was that the project has not kick-started because among other things government has not indicated how they are going to pay back the facility. That’s what he said.

He had earlier described the statement from the Embassy as undiplomatic.

Mr. Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu in a statement released on Tuesday demanded a retraction and apology from the Korean Ambassador.

Source: Joy News/


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