A national TV channel has aired a tutorial for women on how they can cover up the bruises from domestic violence.

After discussing the best make-up brands for heavy coverage, the hosts says: ‘We hope these beauty tips will help you carry on with your daily life.’

As if being assaulted by your partner was a normal fact of life, like getting a spot on your face, and that you should carry on after it as if nothing had happened.

The women’s daily show aired on Moroccan state TV on November 23 and has attracted a lot of criticism for the way it normalises assault and sends a message to women that they should just cover it up.

‘Make sure to use loose powder to fix the makeup so if you have to work throughout the day, the bruises don’t show,’ the host said.

People watching said the segment was ‘brainwashing’ women to believe that violence was an acceptable part of relationships and that the right thing to do was conceal it.

Moroccan journalist Samia Erraccouki was one of the first to draw attention to the feature, broadcast two days before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

After public outcry, the channel 2M has apologised and taken down the  footage.

‘The management believes that this section was completely inappropriate and was an editorial error of judgement,’ the statement said.

‘The chain offers its sincerest apologies.’

For many commenting, this wasn’t enough as they said many of those who watched it originally and might be most affected by it would not have the literacy to read the statement.

The channel later broadcast an apology as well.