A witness on Friday contradicted evidence of the CEO of Masai Developers, Mr. Edward Annan at an Accra Fast-Track High Court.

He told the court that Mr. Annan’s statements that he was not connected to SITCOM, a private company he runs with former SSNIT boss Mr. Charles Asare were false.

A former employee of Joy FM, Komla Dumor told the court that Mr. Annan was directly connected to SITCOM and that money due Masai Developers for services rendered SSNIT were paid through a SITCOM account.

Mr. Dumor was continuing with his evidence in a defamation suit brought against Multimedia Broadcasting Company by Masai Developers.

According Joy News’s Bernard Shaibu the witness said although Mr. Annan denied any connection with SITCOM, an amount of $146,000 was paid to his company, Masai Developers after it undertook a project for SSNIT through SITCOM.

The money he noted was paid into the HBC account of SITCOM in the United Kingdom.

According to Mr. Dumor the former SSNIT Boss Mr. Charles Asare who is also a friend of Mr. Annan was the director of SITCOM.

He therefore concluded that Mr. Annan lied to the court when he said he did not know the directors of the company.

The former Joy FM Super Morning Show host also intimated that interviews he conducted with contractors who built hostels for SSNIT hinted him that contract sums were inflated.

The inflated percentages were paid to SSNIT and forwarded to the Masai boss.

He said he obtained documents that showed that Mr. Annan imported a vehicle in 1997 which he gave to the former President.

According to him, this was confirmed by Mr. Annan on Joy FM’s Front Page programme, but he however explained that the vehicle was given to the wife of the former president, Mrs. Rawlings.

He told the court that a telescope worth $2,000 was bought by Mr. Edward Annan for Mr. Charles Asare.

The gifts, he noted, given by the Masai boss to friends in high places confirmed speculations that he invested in influential friends to promote his business.

Mr. Dumor rejected suggestions put to him by counsel for Mr. Annan, Mr. Tony Lithur that he broadcast speculative stories about Mr. Annan.

The case continues next week.

Story by Malik Abass Daabu