Mr President, the young people of this country have been waiting patiently for you to launch the much anticipated GHS10 Million Jobs & Enterprises Fund which seeks, among other things, to provide capital to young entrepreneurs in the country.

To remind you of the plight of teeming unemployed youth, especially the unemployed graduates in the country, is just like reminding you of a serious national security threat waiting to explode. Yes, the youth unemployment situation in the country should be considered as a national security threat.

No country on earth can develop, or was developed without the massive contributions of its youth population. In Ghana, like most African countries, there are a lot of youth who are ready, able and willing to work but cannot find jobs. There are also lots of smart young graduates with brilliant ideas who cannot find the necessary support to put their ideas to the test. Mr President, we need you at this crucial time. We are not working, and we would like to work!

In October last year at the 1st National Youth Achievers Awards in Accra, you informed all of us that “in the next few days” you would be launching the GHS10 Million Jobs & Enterprises Fund to provide capital and access to capital for young entrepreneurs.

More than five months after the event, the young people of this country are still waiting for you to fulfill this promise. We hope that you are not going to renege on this promise.

The young people of this country still have the confidence and hope in your leadership. We didn’t just vote for you. We also campaigned seriously for your victory. We are not looking for handouts. We are looking for the opportunities to make our lives better, and to make our country to be the beacon of hope and opportunities in Africa.

Mr President, our success is your success; and our failure will be your failure too. All of us cannot be employed by the government. In fact we wouldn’t need any government employment if the opportunities were there for us to unleash our potentials.

In your address to Parliament, you made mention of the fact that the government wage bill is not sustainable. Mr President, the only way to tackle this challenge is to create more opportunities outside the public sector. Most of the youth see the public sector as the only secured employment avenue, unfortunately. Until we create other secured and sustainable employment avenues outside the public sector, the government would have to keep paying higher and higher wage bills.

Your Excellency, the ball is now in your court. We are still waiting for you with our business ideas and proposals. We are waiting for you because our banks and financial institutions have refused to consider our business proposals because they see us as high risk investment that they cannot afford.

The government cannot also fail us in this direction. The more you keep delaying the launch, the more you compound the national security threat of this country.

Mr President; we are still waiting! Thank you.

Mahmoud Jajah
Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Student
MountCrest University College