Information reaching Adom News from MTN indicates two guys who allegedly stole an MTN Toyota Hilux with registration number GM 8523-14 from Kumasi were tracked to Tamale and arrested there.

The Tamale police made the arrest based on information provided by the MTN car tracking service team in Accra, because they already had a tracking device fixed in all MTN vehicles.

The MTN trackers indicated that the car was packed somewhere in Kumasi when it was stolen either late night Saturday or at dawn Sunday.

The carjackers had no clue the car was being tracked but the company tracked the vehicle every step of the way and provided the Tamale Police with information on the exact location of the car, and they went in and effected the arrest of the two.

At the time of the arrest, the thieves (yet to be identified) had changed the number plate to GT 5219-13 but the MTN trackers showed it was the same vehicle.

Information gathered from MTN indicates that the car was then in the possession of one MTN South Eastern Zone staff called Agyenim Boateng, who was on assignment in Kumasi.

He had allegedly packed the car at a guest house and had gone to bed for the night.

Boateng woke up on Sunday morning only to realize the car was gone so he informed the MTN tracking service team who logged into the tracking device on that particular vehicle and found that it has reached Salaga.

They then informed the police in Tamale that the car was heading their way. Over time, they noticed the car had been packed at a particular location in Tamale and they gave the police directions to the exact location.

An officer at the Kumasi Police confirmed this to Adom News and said the thieves are now being brought from Tamale to Kumasi for interrogation and court action.