Most parents do not wish to ever bury their children but gradually road accidents are robbing them of their dream.

The family of 29-year-old Mark Ofosu-Ampadu Jnr. who died in a car crash are yet to recover from the shock as they still mourn the loss of their beloved relative.

In January 2020 he was crushed to death on his way from Oyarifa to Accra.

Recalling his last moment with the son, the mother of the deceased said, “I told him that Sunday is the last Sunday of the month so he should just leave the attire he will wear to church there so that I iron them.

“He left but came back shortly and said ‘mummy, I will be back soon’.”

Little did she know that Mark Jnr will never return from that journey alive.

Madam Ofosu-Ampadu said upon hearing the news she became terrified and wished it was a dream.

“Some people informed us that they had seen the car in an accident and my son had been rushed to the hospital,” she recounted.

For Mark’s father, he is still reeling in the loss of his son.

“Immediately, I saw him [the body], I thought he was not dead because he was just lying there with no bruises. I didn’t see any blood or scratches. So I just held him, mentioned his name; there was no response.”

Mark Jnr was among the thousands who were killed last year as a result of road accidents.

As part of efforts to inform the citizenry of the dire repercussions of road accidents, JoyNews is set to premiere a Hotline documentary “Crushed” on Monday, April 12.