A new twist to the Francis Xavier Sosu and Francis Agyare controversy has emerged barely 24 hours after Agyare publicly accused Sosu of swindling him on Joy FM.

In a lawyer-client relationship that has gone terribly bad, Joy FM has intercepted a recording of a conversation between the two, with Agyare sounding vulnerable and apologizing for impugning the integrity of his lawyer.

In the secretly recorded conversation several months ago, Agyare sounded weak, almost begging for forgiveness whilst Sosu kept reprimanding and jabbing him with questions as if he was in a dock being cross examined.

On Thursday June 8, the country listened with shock the version of Mr Francis Agyare, who turned to the General Legal Council for support and sanction against his own lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu accusing him of trying to swindle him.

He claimed on Joy FM that the lawyer exploited him, and tried without number to ride on his rather torturous experience in life to make money whilst still breaking his promises to provide him accommodation and money for upkeep.


Agyare had spent 14 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. In 2008 he was released under a Justice for all programme.

Francis Agyare

After he was released he wanted justice and compensation from the state and got in touch with Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu who agreed to help him. He did and together they won a compensation of GHS200,000 and cost of GHS4,000 from the state.

What should have been merry making and moments of glory for both parties became the object of destruction with Agyare accusing his lawyer of trying to play smart on him.

According to him, even though Sosu agreed initially to take 25% of the agreed compensation, he started tossing and telling him different stories after the case was won.

Agyare filed a complaint to the General Legal Council, the body that regulates the activities of lawyers, and after investigations and on the guilty plea of lawyer Sosu, a three-year suspension was handed to him.

Xavier Sosu was found guilty for over-charging Agyare in a case reported to be pro-bono; he was also, in a separate case, found guilty of advertising.

The human rights lawyer has however appealed the decision of the General Legal Council insisting it was high handed.

The ban of Sosu has left many criticizing Agyare, accusing him of being ungrateful.

But he broke his silence in an interview on Joy FM, insisting that ban to his former lawyer is only a punishment by God.

According to him, Sosu used him to make money but never gave him anything except transport fares at some point.

He claimed the lawyer took him to Cape Coast to share his prison story after which he was given money of about GHS1,700 which all ended up in the pocket of Sosu.

He said but for his own vigilance, all the GHS200,000 compensation would have ended up in the account of Mr Sosu.

He therefore had no option but to report the case to the General Legal Council, he told Joy FM.

However, in the secretly recorded interview between Agyare and Sosu which was intercepted by Joy FM, the former was heard apologizing for denting the reputation of Mr Sosu.

Listen to Conversation between Francis Sosu Xavier and Francis Agyare below: