Presidential aspirant of the People’s Action Party (PAP), Kwasi Busumbru, has described as a ‘shock’ to his system’ his disqualification as an aspirant in the 2020 General Election.

Mr. Busumbru is unhappy that his presidential ambition has had to come to such an abrupt end after investing time and money towards it.

The Electoral Commission on Monday announced the disqualification of five presidential aspirants from contesting in the upcoming polls on the grounds of forgery.

Speaking to Nhyira FM’s Papa Nyameke on Kro Yi Mu Nsem, Mr. Busumbru said the EC was disrespectful in the mode of communicating the decision to the aspirants.

“It was a shock to my system because it is something I have planned since 2017 and considering all the investment I have made; it has come to an abrupt end.

“But the way the EC communicated the decision to us was very disrespectful. The political parties should have been called first to inform them of the outcome but she decided to hold a press conference without informing us which didn’t go well at all.”

Mr. Busumbru says he will be meeting with his team to decide on appealing the EC’s decision.

He however says he would be going for a refund of his filing fee from the Commission.

“For the refund, I will go to the commission for it. I am somebody who doesn’t quit easily and I know one day I will lead the country,” he stated emphatically.

He added that he would be having a meeting with his team “to decide on appealing the EC’s decision at the Appeals Court and if it fails, we will proceed to the Supreme Court”.