The Executive Director of the National Service Scheme, Vincent Kuagbenu has welcome Dr. Abu Sakara’s suggestion that graduates are made to go through a compulsory six months military training.

Dr. Sakara believes this is a sure way to restore discipline and patriotism in Ghanaians. The CPP flag-bearer made this statement during his tenure at the Institute of Economic Affairs’ presidential debate.

In an interview with Joy FM, Vincent Kuagbenu said although conscription is detailed in the National Service Law, lack of political will is responsible for it not been implemented.

The NSS boss attributed the numerous industrial unrests to lack of discipline among the workforce.

Mr. Kuagbenu said what is expected of disciplined workforce is not taught in the classroom but hence a military training would encourage the youth to go beyond what pertains in the classroom.

According to Mr. Kuagbenu, the military training without arms would provide a psychological and physical fine-tuning, and would among other things instill the spirit of patriotism and nationalism among graduates.

Mr. Kuagbenu stated that when a consensus is drawn on the military training of graduates, committing funds to it would not be a problem.

The Executive Director of NSS further revealed that the Scheme is embarking on activities that would ensure the public gains confidence in the scheme and the military training would go a long way to add to that.