A group calling itself Concerned National Service Personnel Association of Ghana has threatened to picket the Flagstaff House if government does not pay their allowances.

The group claims the failure of government to pay their allowances has made life difficult for them.

Since “an empty stomach cannot stand,” the group said it is giving government an ultimatum of October 23, to pay their allowances.

Speaking to myjoyonline's Oswald K. Azumah, the leader of the group identified as Williams Agbodo said, “we are pleading with government to pay our allowances because some of us are suffering without it.”  

“The day of the picketing will be decided after the ultimatum expires but we hope government will listen to our plea and pay the allowances before Monday”, he added.  

National Service personnel who began their mandated one year service in September this year have not received their monthly allowance of GH¢559.40.

Read the full release below:

We, the above-mentioned association are hereby using this medium to inform the National Service Scheme and by extension, government about the plight of 2017/2018 National Service Personnel batch across the country.

The Ghana National Service Scheme Act, 1980 makes it mandatory for any citizen of 18 years and above to serve the nation for the period of one year upon completion of studies in the higher educational institution.

Pursuant to this act, graduates from the tertiary institutions have no discretion whatsoever but to undertake the mandatory service to the country, without it, one cannot seek employment opportunity in the country.

Government however, plays a role in ensuring that life does not become unbearable for such personnel in the discharge of their duty to the nation through payment of monthly allowance (GH¢559.40) to each service person.

It is nonetheless, disappointing to note that, the government has not even paid a Penny to any service person yet since we started our service for two months now.

We, the Concerned National Service Personnel Association of Ghana, therefore, wish to tell the government that, we CANNOT continue to serve the nation with our empty stomachs; as the Ghanaian adage goes "an empty sack cannot stand" so it is in our case.

Some of us sometimes have to walk several kilometers to our work because our parents can no longer provide our transportation fares.

It is more disheartening seeing our public officials enjoying juicy and mouthwatering conditions of service whilst we wallow in such hardship.

We are by this release, giving the government up to next Monday, October 23, 2017, to pay our allowance, failure to do so will resort in massive picketing of the Flagstaff House by National service personnel across the country.

The Association is the firm belief that the government will listen to our cry and act accordingly.

Thank you.



Williams Agbodo



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