‘National Youth Policy has no action plan’

Former Minister for Employment Nana Akomea has raised questions over how government intends to implement the new national youth policy.

Mr. Akomea says the Mills administration in its bid to launch the document failed to attach an action plan.

The national youth policy highlights 19 key areas to bring development to the lives of the Ghanaian youth.

The document is expected to help generate jobs for the youth, improve education and, among other things, institute a national youth week to be celebrated annually.

But Nana Akomea believes the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government is not properly dealing with the youth policy.

“The need to have a youth policy and an action plan has been held hostage to partisan politics. What the NDC has done is to try and do something that can allow them to claim ownership, for them to beat their chest and say that we have brought a youth policy and an action plan.

“Otherwise how do you explain that for 2 years, we’ve had a youth policy and an action plan – an implementation plan – duely approved by Cabinet [and] sitting down? [The NDC] comes into power [and] waits for one and a half years and then go and launch another thing without an action plan,” he told Steve Anti, host of Joy FM’s News Night programme on Friday.

However acting National Coordinator of the National Youth Council, Archibald Donkor, insists there is an action plan available.

Pressed to state where the action plan was, Mr Donkor said: “It will be made available very soon.”

Meanwhile, the National Union of Ghana students has called for an end to what it describes as the politicization of the youth policy.

Youth activists of the main opposition parties have expressed disquiet about what they describe as their exclusion from the process of drawing up the policy.

But NUGS president, Wonder Madilo, says what’s important now is to find ways to implement the policy.