I need some advice, and real quick!


– been married 26+years

– I have been faithful throughout the entire marriage

– she had an affair, beginning 3 months after our wedding

– not sure how long it went on, a couple of months for sure

– ended and she confessed

– sat idle for 25 years

– it has been a thorn in my side since, never dealt with it and to be honest, I threw it in her face until recently

– she went on a business trip 1200 miles away which she has been for nearly 15 years

– she went to a party without me, with her friends

– her friends consist of a couple I know, and at least 2-3 men I don’t know – relatives of the couple I know

– came home from the trip with pictures on the camera

– some pictures showed men sitting beside her with their arm around her – not lose, a tight hand on shoulder pic

– I caught a glimpse at the photos at the airport when I picked her up late

– Morning I grabbed the camera and looked while she slept

– I saved a couple pics to my hard drive

– Later that evening when she shared her photos, some were deleted and hidden from me!

– we addressed it and I told her how it made me feel

– she admitted she screwed up – heard that one before

– these guys (friends of the couple) now text here on a regular basis

– I feel jealous and a little afraid of a repeat of the past

My question, is it happening again?????????????????????

Please help me, I am falling apart!!!!!!