The new road and bridge toll, introduced in February 2010, yielded GHS49,744,000.00 as at May 2011, Mr Joe Gidisu, Road and Highways Minister disclosed during question time in Parliament.

Mr Edem Asimah, NDC member for South Dayi, who tabled the question, enquired of the minister how much money had been collected since the introduction of the new road tolls in January 2010 and measures taken to reduce revenue leakage at the booths.

Mr Gidisu said automation of the toll stations, monitoring of toll collections in collaboration with the police and national security were some of the measures the ministry was adopting to reduce revenue leakage.

He stated that the ministry was also introducing point of sale devices at the toll booths to give real time results on revenue
collection as one way to block revenue hemorrhage.

On measures of curbing accidents on the Mallam–Kasoa highway, the minister said a Road Safety Audit had been ordered in December 2010 by the Ghana Highways Authority to identify potential safety problems and measures to eliminate the problems.

He said the study was completed in January 2011 with the recommendation that the median should be fenced in the build-up areas
to control the erratic pedestrian crossing, adding that all street lights and roadway delineation be restored to enhance safety at night.

The Ghana Highways Authority, according to him, was preparing
estimates of the works involved for the procuring of safety
improvement works to address the problem.

He noted that public education was being organized in collaboration with National Road Safety Commission and added that enforcement of traffic regulations was being carried out in collaboration with the security agencies.

Source: GNA