Afrocentric Obama: Global launch over, count down for Ghana launch begins

Afrocentric Obama: Global launch over, count down for Ghana launch begins
Source: Ghana||Nathan Gadugah
Date: 03-10-2016 Time: 06:10:57:pm

Harvard University rounded off what has been days of breathtaking, thoroughly inspiring analysis, discussions on "Afrocentric Obama", the book about Barrack Obama that has gotten most Americans talking.

Written by a Ghanaian, Dr Etse Sikanku, and launched in America on September 9, 2016, the Afrocentric Obama, teased out the African qualities in an American president with a global appeal.

From one Ivy League School to the other, Etse, as he prefers to be called by his students in Ghana, together with his team held a number of book reading sessions with the students in America.

In Iowa where he obtained his Doctorate degree, in Pennsylvania and several other universities, the erudite, soft spoken researcher, now author, shared with the students his motivations behind the Afrocentric Obama and the qualities that make Barrack Obama stand out amongst his peers.

The students, heard, read with excitement, and threw at Etse, questions they found intriguing.

With America's and Ghana's elections set for November and December respectively, the Afrocentric Obama,  draws many lessons on political campaign communication strategies and how leading figures in both elections can build on the power of rhetoric as Obama did early 2008.

Dr Etse Sikanku, a lecturer, presenter, journalist and now a writer succinctly summarizes the book as being "about what we can learn from politics and governance from Barrack Obama. It is also about examining his African heritage. Obama stood for collectivism, collaboration and communalism. He stood for civility, decency and compromise. This is an effort aimed at learning some things from Obama whilst igniting conversations about revamping, revising and revitalizing politics, governance, civics, and development in Africa and across the world."

Bright Simons, an entrepreneur, innovator , Founder and President of mPedigree described the author and the book as follows; "Etse Sikanku takes up one of the most controversial, yet enlightening, discourses of the ’emergent Obama’ genre, and refuses to be satisfied with mere inductive analysis. Navigating loaded and subtle shades of labelling such as ‘Afrocentricity’ and ‘Africanity’, he proves himself more than the scholar of journalism he is, and establishes his pedigree as a multi-disciplinary thinker of the first rank, blending as he does a sociological insight at once piercing and sober with a knack for biography that is perceptive in an almost ruthless fashion.”

Kafui Dey, a TV Presenter describes it as "A captivating study of the Afrocentric yet universal values that shaped America’s 44th President and the strategies he used to write history as the first black man to occupy the White House. Sikanku’s book is highly recommended."

With the global launch over in the US, attention is now on the Ghana launch which is scheduled for October 8, 2016, at the British Council Hall in Accra.