Host of Ken’s Music Mix and Jazz on Joy FM, Ken Addy has emphasised the importance of funds in the creative arts sector in order for the film industry to perform well and produce more movies.

He said that since the inception of the National Film Authority (NFA) in December 2019, it has not been able to support the industry due to lack of funds.

“There’s an Act and the Act stipulates what should be done. What we seem to forget is what should be done needs money, and where the money is going to come from is the issue,” he explained.

Speaking on Showbiz A to Z, Mr Addy told George Quaye that the NFA has not been able to effectively begin operations even after setting up the classification committee.

“People in the industry will tell you that since the authority was set up, they haven’t seen anything meaningful from the authority. The only thing that has been done is inaugurating the classification committee. And the classification committee is having problems starting work.”

“It boils down to funding for most of these agencies,” he added.

Mr Addy stressed the importance of the NFA setting up a film development fund in order for the film industry to produce their movies.

“The NFA is supposed to have a film development fund set-up. And to practitioners of the film industry, that is where their interest is. That they can be able to get some funds to produce their movies,” he added.

He also iterated that film producers who are eligible for funds can get 60% of their budget approved to produce their movies.

“The board can only approve 60% of the total budget submitted by eligible applicants for financial support from the fund.”

Mr Addy acknowledged the fact that the NLA is also facing some challenges on its own.

“The NFA as it is now does not have offices. They’re perching on the compound of the Role of National Languages where they hold their meetings and that kind of thing. They have a very long list of functions and objects.”