Ibrahim Nash, a Nigerian trader at Abidjan, on Tuesday appeared before a Sekondi District Magistrate’s Court for stealing two Nigerian passports including one with a visa for Germany and a travellers’ cheque with a face value of euros 1,500.

The accused pleaded not guilty and was granted 20 million cedis’ bail with one surety to re-appear on October 25.

Police Chief Inspector Joe Hedidor said the items belonged to Reginald Udeh, a Nigerian trader and a co-tenant of the accused at Abidjan.

He said in August the accused and Udeh decided to travel from Abidjan to Accra.

Chief Inspector Hedidor said before they left Abidjan, the accused collected the passports, travellers’ cheque and other documents from Udeh on the grounds that Ghanaian security personnel would harass him when they were in his possession.

He said when they got to Elubo, the accused vanished for about 30 minutes and when they reached Accra, the passports and the travellers’ cheque could not be traced.

Chief Inspector Hedidor said Udeh made a report to the police and during investigation, other documents of Udeh were retrieved at Elubo but the passports and travellers cheque were not found.

Source: GNA